How to Get Used to Wearing Your New Dentures

How to Get Used to Wearing Your New Dentures

Approximately $125 billion is spent on dental care in the United States each year. For most people, spending money on dental expenses is something they don’t mind. Routine cleanings, fillings, and even whitening treatments can help you keeping your teeth looking great. There may come a time when your actual teeth are too damaged to function properly. If you find yourself in this predicament, you need to consider the benefits of wearing dentures.

Millions of people in the United States wear dentures. Once you have your new dentures in hand, you have to focus on getting used to wearing them. Getting used to wearing your new dentures will be simple if you follow the tips mentioned below.

High-Quality Denture Adhesive is a Must

When going in for consultations with your dentist, be sure to ask them questions about wearing and caring for your new dentures. The more you know about your dentures, the easier it will be to transition over to using them on a daily basis. The power of denture adhesive is probably something your dentist will cover during this consultation. The only way to keep your dentures in place and functioning properly is with the help of the right adhesive.

These adhesives generally come in gel and strip-form. Finding the right adhesive to fit your lifestyle will take some time. You may have to try a few different products before finding the best fit. Your dentist should be able to offer a few suggestions regarding which adhesives you should try.

Rise to the Challenge of Talking With New Dentures

The biggest complaint most new denture wearers have is the inability to pronounce certain words. The only way to address these talking issues is by practicing with your new dentures. Reading a book aloud can help you identify problem words and figure out how to overcome these challenges. Making a list of the words you are having trouble with is the first step in conquering this problem.

With this list in hand, you need to sit down in front of the mirror and practice the problem words. You need to realize that your lips, cheeks, and mouth have to properly adjust to your new dentures. The time invested in talking in front of the mirror with your new dentures will pay off.

Be Careful When You Eat

Another issue you need to be aware of when wearing dentures for the first time is difficult eating certain foods. In the first few days of wearing dentures, you need to consider eating softer foods. If you have harder to chew foods, it is best to cut them into smaller pieces.

The longer you wear your dentures, the more comfortable you will be eating harder and chewier foods. By incorporating these foods back into your diet, you can enjoy what you eat and get proper nutrients.

In The Market For Dentures?

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