Ideal Dental Care: The Mini Implant

Ideal Dental Care The Mini Implant

Ideal Dental Care: The Mini Implant

Ideal Dental Care: The Mini Implant

At Ideal Dental Care in Rockford, Illinois, our dental office strives to be the best environment for locals around the Rockford area and a leader in offering high-quality and compassionate dentistry.

One of the primary services we provide is a range of dental implant procedures that can help to restore a mouth when these services are desperately needed.

Some people just need regular routine cleanings and checkups – but others have much larger problems that may stem from poor hygiene, physical trauma, or other factors.

When you need a dental intervention, Ideal Dental Care can help provide the best possible solution based on your particular healthcare needs.

The Mini-Implant Dental Procedure

Traditional dental implants involve placing a post in the jawbone and anchoring a false tooth to that post. They are becoming a common dental intervention and something that helps millions of Americans to smile better, eat better, and generally improve their quality of life while protecting themselves against worsening dental conditions.

The mini implant is a relatively specialized type of dental implant procedure. We accomplish these custom procedures all the time in our office. Here's why some customers will elect to get a mini implant procedure done.

Less Invasive

Many implants tend to be less invasive then full-scale dental implant procedures. Without the need to anchor the traditional post, there's less invasive dental work performed, which ultimately decreases the price involved in these kinds of dental work.

No Bone Grafts

A traditional dental implant can require the labor-intensive movement of bone to a specific part of the jaw. Many implants typically do not involve this kind of bone work.

Lower Recovery Time

A traditional dental implant is, in a fundamental sense, a surgery. Typical recovery times apply. But with many implants, which are less invasive, the patient may be able to resume normal activity in as little as two days. Any recovery effects tend to be relatively slight or residual, and the mini implant can be an effective way to get the solution you need without a lot of the cost and struggle to recover after the fact.

Want to know more about mini implants or any other kind of dental work? Our prices are showcased right on our landing page, and by browsing our website, you can see a lot more about how we perform our philosophy of care in the Rockford, Illinois area. Let us help you to take care of your mouth – because it's the only one you've got!